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Seekng Old Friends? Military Buddies, Lost Loves? Family Members?

October 9, 2009

Old Family Photo, People Search, Lost People,With the advent of so many search engines and social media tools it has become easier and easier to find people.  To reconnect.

You’ve got Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ning, Classmates and Intellus just to name a few.  And, of course there are a host of paid investigative, other social media, background search sites out there.  But, I believe having depth and longevity on the Internet also helps. 

There is one website that has been around since 1996. It may not have the latest and greatest bells and whistles but it does have a backend database  with longevity and a long standing Internet presence and history.  

This is important, especially if you are looking for maybe more specific hard to find topics areas of search. See below from some categories.

Adoptions Messages from people looking for birth parents, adopted siblings or children
Former Spouse Messages from people looking for an ex-husband or ex-wife
Friends Messages from people looking for missing and long lost friends
Lost Loves Messages from people looking for a lost love
Runaways Messages from family members and loved ones to runaways and runaways to their family members and loved ones
Missing Persons Messages from people looking for someone who has disappeared without explanation
Genealogy Messages from people trying to find information about family history
Relatives Messages from people looking for missing family members
Strangers Messages from people looking for those they met briefly and didn’t get to say all they wanted to
Reunions Messages from organizers of upcoming family, class and organization reunion
Veterans Messages from Veterans looking for people they served with or met during their service
Community Registry Messages posted by members about themselves for other members to view. If you are a PeopleSite member, log in to access this link.
Katrina Survivors Messages looking for survivors of the Katrina Hurricane disaster

 Why pay when you can do some of it, no a great deal of it for free and on your own. To read more go to this link and visit www.peoplesite.com.  At best, it is another source for possibly finding someone you have lost contact with.

I would be interested to hear more about what you think and how this may be of use to you and others. Feel free to add other resources you know about or your lost or missing person story right here in the comment section.

Have you had a success story? Let us know if and how you found a long lost person. Here is a link to a few success stories from http://www.peoplesite.com/ss.asp

Good luck and check out PeopleSite.com
  1. June 6, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    I am looking for a long lost military friend from AIT if anyone out there attended Ft Lee, Va during July thru Sept of 1997 them please message me at dianesimmonz@yahoo.com. I would like to speak with you

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