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List of Non Profits that Tweet

June 7, 2010

There is a terrific article on Mashable by Lon S. Cohen titled “26 Charities That Tweet.”  In the introduction, Lon talks about how he uses Twitter everyday in his nonprofit job.   I’d like to point a few examples that were not on his list and share some good nonprofit Twitter resources.

Where To Connect With Other Nonprofits

Nonprofitorgs on Twitter is an aggregator of nonprofits on Twitter and is following over 2,000 nonprofits.  Follow them and you can quickly scan what nonprofits are doing on Twitter.

TwitterPacks/Nonprofit has a list of over 300 nonprofits (not all are on nonprofitsorgs on Twitter)

NPTech Twitter Group is a list of 263 nonprofit technology geeks.  If you want to find more, follow ntenhross from NTEN, the nonprofit technology network.

Where To Find Resources and Case Studies

The WeAreMedia Wiki has several excellent collections of Twitter how-tos, case studies, and other resources for nonprofits.

WeAreMedia: Participation Module:  Collection of good stories about how nonprofits are engaging their stakeholders on Twitter.

WeAreMedia: Spreading Buzz:  Many examples of how nonprofits are using Twitter to spread the word about their programs and services.

Twitter Tool Box:  A collection of Twitter tools, tips, and how-tos assembled by nonprofit techies.


Brooklyn Museum
With over 21,000 followers, the Brooklyn Museum, one of the oldest and largest museums in the country, is having discussions about art with art patrons and other art museums on Twitter.   The organization’s chief geek, Shelley Bernstein, runs the Twitter profile.
Capital Area Food Bank
The organization takes a different approach to Twitter.  All staff members are active and have their individual profiles.  All of them talking about hunger issues.  Their accounts are their individual’s names, but include the organization’s logo.    Even senior management is tweeting.
Cleveland Foundation and Columbus Foundation
Here are two community foundations that have a growing Twitter presence.  They tweet about important resources, charities, and funding programs in their region.  In addition to the institutional accounts, staff members have accounts.
American Heart Association and American Stroke Organization
Both organizations have been actively using to scan and connect with stroke care givers.   This listening and engaging was useful in convincing staff of the value of Twitter.

Chronicle of Philanthropy
The Chronicle has been on Twitter for almost a year now and uses it to engage readers, crowd source research, and share articles about philanthropy.

Social Actions
Check out their action twitter packs by issue area.  These are twitterfeeds of aggregating calls to action by particular issues area.   Social Actions feels strongly that Twitter can save the world!

NTEN and TechSoup and NpTechBlogs
These are hubs for nonprofit technology on Twitter.  You’ll find lots of value in these twitter streams, pointers to useful resources.  NpTechBlogs is an aggregated feed of blogs written by nonprofit techies.

What charities, foundations, or nonprofit folks are using Twitter in innovative ways?  If you work for a nonprofit and have an amazing Twitter story, leave a comment.

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