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Mobile Payments to Drive Business, Gov, Economy?

October 14, 2010

Mobile payments – the ability to send and receive money from your phone – is a big emerging trend I’ve been watching.

It was only a matter of time before someone turned a cell phone into a credit card swiping device that enables us to split a check for sushi by paying my friend with Venmo. Without getting into all of the exciting new companies and trends in this space, the message is clear – there is a market for using your phone to easily transact money.   What do you think?

And who loves to transact money more than business and government?

But let’s face it, while many initiatives to engage citizens or be more accessible are awesome, they’ve struggled to generate those transactions that make money.

I believe there’s something to the idea that if we can attach services that generate money for government to ones that engage citizens, our odds for success go way up. Let’s take some low-hanging fruit as an example: parking tickets. Usually when I get a parking ticket I keep it in my car for a few days, then maybe it makes it to my office, then I realize “oh sh*t it was due yesterday” and I have to run and go pay it online. The online system is great, but doesn’t (and really shouldn’t) engage me outside of the payment process. Putting that same process through my Innovation 2.0-blender,… I wonder what if the parking ticket had a link (or, wink, a QR code) right on it to pay it then and there – literally, from my car.

Any of the emerging mobile payment companies would be gung-ho to do that for the city. And guess what? After paying the ticket the user can be prompted to bookmark the page (or download an app) full of city news and services. For example, maybe you’re pissed because the “2 hour parking” sign was bent and that’s why you got the ticket. Well, report it SeeClickFix-style right then and there from the same interface. Or, maybe one block away there’s a city parking space for rent at $50/month. Ding. The phone can point that out.

Even more cool, you a’re right next to a polling place. Do you know where yours is for the next election? Let’s find it for you. All of those ideas alone are awesome, but in reality, a hard sell right now. But hey, go into a meeting with app that shows off the state’s parks and beaches while allowing users to renew fishing/boating/beach licenses and you may have a winner of an idea from that initial demo.

My message today is simple – mobile payments may be the way to monetize mobile business and government.

Can’t wait to hear what you think.

My thanks for the original post By Chris Bennett on Govloop.com.
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