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Typhoon? What Would You Do? Are Your Prepared?

October 18, 2010

Super-Typhoon Megi is hitting the Phillipines as I write this post. Thousands of people in the Philippines have fled from their homes ahead of a powerful storm, Super-Typhoon Megi, which is expected to reach the north of the country early on Monday. Megi, which has winds of up to more than 200km/h (125mph), is then forecast to move towards the South China Sea.

More to the point, what if that sort of scenario hit us here in the DC region? Florida? TX coast? California coast? What would you do? How would you take an active role in communicating to your family, and friends. If you are a young child or teen…you are not too young to get involved either.

It seems that only roughly 30% of the US population is prepared for any sort of emergency. And, only 20% have an emergency radio.

Why is it that we generally think it will happen to someone else and not ever “me” in some disconnected way?  

 Why is it we have time to play hours on some video game or Facebook Farmville “game” but seem to have no time to make an emergency plan for our self as an individual or for our family.  

Do you even know what the key hazard threats are for your town or county?  How would you motivate friends to prepare and prepare better?  If you are a teenager what would you do to make a change at your home? Your school? Your city or town?

1) The Maryland Natural Hazards Preparedness Guide is available for Download here (PDF).  See page 19! Useful stuff there!

2) NOAA National Weather Service Homepage  and Current Weather Alerts

3) Here are some picts of the 2005 hurricane related work in SW LA. What, if any things do you see that could make a difference?

4) General reading on Debris Flow Hazards

5) Here is a list of all the local Emergency Offices by State, check your local office and know where it is located.

6) Be better prepared visit http://www.ready.gov.  How would you change this site so more people would prepare or share the information more effectively?  How would you communicate it better to your immediate circle of family and friends?

7) Buy a Red Cross certified already made emergency preparedness  kit (I know the owner as I met him at a Gov Conference in 2007) His is a service disabled veteran owned business, which I also support our vets!

8) Visit the Maryland Emergency Management Agency or your state’s own page

9) Sign Up for CAPALERT if you live or work in the DC area. Be among the first to know about emergencies

I would be interested to know what your creative and 0r useful ideas are! Really!!

I encourage you to commit a weekend to updating telephone numbers, buying emergency supplies and reviewing your emergency plan with everyone. Make an online plan here and print it out and give it to your family  members

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