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Spring is Coming! How Does your Garden Grow?

January 29, 2011

With all the cold weather we are having, snow and with more snow on the way for Groundhog day… I thought I would generate a spring mood early!  Does gardening help with communications? Do those old fashioned over the fence conversations still happen? What is the best over the fence conversation that you have had lately that has helped you?  Do you remember a time when we used to actually talk to our neighbors instead of online?

Well, the following is my social media over the fence blog post which I just came across and I have to admit that most of the following content is not mine creation ( I am taking it from planetgreen.com).It offers wonderful suggestions. And, here is a catalog of catalogs for seeds, veggies and flowers that is pretty cool. Get planting everyone, it will be warmer sooner than later.

 You don’t need elaborate seed-starting biodomes or habitat-destroying peat pellets to get your seedlings to sprout. Here are a few methods that are both easy and-if you’d pardon the pun-dirt cheap.  

1. Mini yogurt cups: I know, its plastic but recycling is good, right? Perhaps you or someone you know has a yogurt addiction. Wash and save the single-serving-size cups, poke a hole in the bottom-center of each container, and fill with seed-starter mix or a sterile all-purpose potting soil. After sowing the seeds, cover each container with a piece of perforated plastic (cut from newspaper and magazine baggies, then punched all over with a needle), held down by a rubber band, to maintain the moisture and humidity that promotes seedling growth.

2. Egg cartons: Used egg cartons are perfect for raising seedlings, when you use them to prop up halved eggshells you’ve saved. Poke a small hole at the bottom of each eggshell and then fill them with soil and seeds. I’m also a fan of stuffing egg shells with Earth Plugs, which are made of composted bark fiber and are inoculated with natural rooting hormones, and then popping a few seeds in the hole of each plug.

If you’re using a plastic egg carton, shutting the lid results in your own homemade mini-greenhouse. Cardboard-carton “pots”, on the other hand, are splendid because they can be transplanted straight into the ground-the cardboard fibers will eventually decompose in the soil, allowing the roots to poke through.

3. Toilet roll: You Grow Girl has easy-to-follow instructions on making a wee seed-starter pot out of a toilet roll. A few strategic snips with a pair of scissors and some folding are all it takes. You still have plenty of time to start your hoarding.

4. Newspaper: A little origami magic turns a single sheet of newspaper into a seed-starter pot that you can later plant whole into your garden in late spring or early summer. No glue, no muss, and very little fuss, this is the perfect indoors activity to keep your hands busy as you’re dreaming of warmer weather.

  • I would like to see examples of amazing gardens you all have this year,
  • Here is a link to 5 of the World’s Most Amazing Gardens. Yes or No?
  • What are your plans for your own spring garden?
  • What are you best seed sources and gardening hints?
  • Mother Earth News says you can save about $700.00 year with a little tiny garden? What do you think?
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