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Media Tracking, Monitoring & Analysis

March 10, 2011

Key to the media analysis is knowing the kinds of tools/services that will be used to “track” the media as they all track media, but each can and do track differently across the entire” universe” of the US media spectrum.  Press clipping services have evolved into media monitoring services which can monitor and even somewhat analyze every type of media published: daily newspapers, non-daily newspapers, magazines, trade journals, television and radio news as well as the internet.

Today there are media monitoring companies which provide broad national service and many who specialize in regional or state coverage.

 And, media monitoring companies have responded to the growth of on-line newspapers by offering coverage of the internet, but some only track newspapers, some track TV video broadcasst or video news reelasee ( VNRs)  others only radio, and some do or do not track new  media at all.

 And some say they do it all.  Can they? Better yet, do they?

 Challenge #1: The service of media monitoring, collation & dissemination is fairly simple and use media monitoring services.  However, in multi-language & multi-dialect countries the challenge of collating data locally and disseminating in a translated language of business (usually English) is a daunting task.

Challenge #2: The second large challenge for information logistics is the growing number of media and the media monitoring types, and services

Challenge #3: The Evolution of “Media” Monitoring

The growth of news distribution, news agencieshave changed as well as media tracking technology.

In 2004, multi-language Information Logistics Services/Media Monitoring services in India/China started to gain prominence. With several services having stemmed as offshoots of PR agencies. In India, services like Worldwide News India and Blue Bytes became leaders by offering an accurate & timely service, supported by auto-analysis. In the next phase, the Information Logistics industry has been to automate the tedious reporting and auto-calculation of the AVE (Advertising Value Equivalence) as well.

Starting in 2005 companies like Global News Intelligence began using Java based artificial intelligence to automate the process of coding clipped content for tone and sentiment.This emerging technology is often referred to as media meta analysis. Key technological differentation to clip/cut only services is instant visualization media tone and sentiment without requiring the user to review content. This method, although promising, is far less accurate than human coding.

A provider of television search technology, Houston-based SnapStream Media pioneered a hybrid DVR-search engine in 2007 which has since enabled PR companies, government organizations and broadcast production facilities to independently find mentions via PC, without relying on an outside media monitoring service.  For example, the TV search appliance called the SnapStream Server is deployed in the City of Austin and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Buzz, Blogs, Tweets, Social media, and Cloud Tag Monitoring…from about 2007 to current day….well here are some thoughts about the challenges to all the convergence of communications and suggestions to help in your consideration for meeting potential gaps in media analysis:

  • Have Knowledge of the Current State of the Media in helping to frame the analysis ( consider using other external sources as well)
  • Have a solid knowledge of the Social Media Monitoring/Tracking Tools

ü  See  a few of these comprehensive lists just for new media monitoring:

  1. http://takemetoyourleader.com/2009/03/24/free-social-media-monitoring-tools
  2. http://wiki.kenburbary.com
  •  Track messages from/to Government agencies & persons are on Twitter as well
  • Obtain the Earned Media Value of the your media coverage
  • Do cross analysis with past media coverage using other tools and news aggregators
  • Track, analyze and report on media in other languages
  • Tracking media on Cable Networks

 Here is a BIg List of Media Monitor Services and Clipping Sources to choose from. You should not just be using one tool, or service.

Google News


Google News ArchiveNews archive search provides an easy way to search and explore historical archives. In addition to helping you search, News archive search can automatically create timelines which show selected results from relevant time periods.

Omgili – Omgili is a specialized search engine that focuses on “many to many” user generated content platforms, such as, forums, discussion groups, mailing lists, answer boards and others. Omgili finds consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers etc.

Other News Monitoring Sources:

  1. AAP NewsCentre – Provides customised information drawn from Australian publications, plus news that affects business and competitors.
  2. Adz Media Monitoring – Rates, TV storyboards, and media search requests for Canadian and U.S. television, radio and print. A library with more than 175,000 advertisements on file for research and analysis.
  3. AirCheck News Taping – A full-service broadcast monitor providing national and local news segments and reports.
  4. Allison’s Press Clipping Service – Professional press clipping service in the U.S.
  5. Amiplan: Advanced Media Information – A database of events for the next eighteen months, continually updated by a team of journalists and broadly divided into News and Entertainment. Each item is integrated with a press directory, listing essential information, including telephone numbers and email addresses.
  6. Apollo Performance Research Centre – Monthly analysis of technology news stories from hundreds of sources in the UK. Provides public relations evaluation that measures success of activity, and identifies how companies can boost coverage.
  7. BBC Monitoring – Includes news, information and comment gathered from the mass media around the world for service subscribers.
  8. Broadcast Monitors – TV and radio news monitoring and tracking services including video and audio clips and transcripts.
  9. BulletinNEWS – Offers human-edited analysis of the news and can be provided daily as a concise, customized memo.
  10. BurrellesLuce – Covers thousands of print, broadcast and web news sources, and provides online access to current media contacts.
  11. Carma International – Case studies, testimonials, white papers, and customized media research analysis.
  12. Cision – Describes firm’s history in offering media communications management solutions. Services include media evaluation, PR, media monitoring, and media contacts.
  13. Competitrack – View samples and register for ready access to information about the advertising activities of competitors. Firm monitors television, newspapers, trade publications, and radio.
  14. ConfirMedia – Monitors content broadcast on radio and television.
  15. Critical Mention – Search, track and view critical information from television news broadcasts. Deploys technology that digitizes live broadcast footage, in real-time.
  16. CustomScoop – An online agency delivering a daily customized clipping service which draws from on-line editions of major wires and daily papers, TV and radio stations, smaller daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and new media publications. It offers a free trial of the service to prospective subscribers.
  17. CyberAlert – Offers a service range covering internet monitoring of news and weblog sites, plus word-of-mouth consumer discussions at message boards and news groups. Also provides a press clipping and broadcast monitoring.
  18. Cymfony – Provides tools for market measurement, analysis and reporting. Develops applications such as the InfoXtract engine to sift and interpret consumer-generated feedback and mainstream media.
  19. Durrants – Service primarily focuses on UK press, internet, broadcast and newswires. Explains delivery options via web, e-mail, or courier.
  20. Esmerk – Daily scans the media to provide tailored profiles about competitors, trade, mergers, macro-economic statistics, and news deemed important by the client.
  21. FPinfomart.ca – Contains Canadian news, broadcast and social media monitoring, and business data products. Subscribe or pay-per-view required.
  22. Florida Newsclips – Provides the electronic version of news clips (as they appeared in Florida publications) delivered to email inbox. Each clip is identified with the publication name, date, circulation and location information.
  23. Inbox Robot – Search news headlines and receive customized results via email. Choose any topic.
  24. Indian Media Clearing – Providing customised news and information services in India covering print, broadcast and web.
  25. Indian Press Clearing – News-clipping agency based at Delhi. Offers coverage of Indian publications, websites and TV channels.
  26. Infoition – Offers customized media intelligence. Services include morning news summary, breaking news alerts, and foreign language translations. View company profile, history and free sample.
  27. InformExpress – Subscription details for press clipping service monitoring English and Chinese language newspapers and magazines published in Hong Kong, China and other parts of asia.
  28. J&A Media Services – Covers market intelligence through electronic news clippings, transcripts, and summaries of activities on broadcast television and radio. Also monitors internet news.
  29. Keep In Touch – Connecticut-based bureau scanning print, television, radio and online media. Product range includes the Yankee Clipper press clipping service.
  30. La Fuente – Hispanic media directory and clipping service in print and on the internet, covering the United States and Northern Mexico.
  31. Lone Buffalo – Providing real-time, monitoring and Specializes in the custom delivery of Web-based news and analysis to Fortune 500 companies.
  32. Magnolia Clipping Service – Dealing primarily with Mississippi and Alabama publications, this agency also monitors broadcast stations, and internet news. View rates, FAQs, service range, and contact details.
  33. McCallum Media Monitor (MMM) – Provides Scottish press cuttings to PR industry clients worldwide since 1989. Scotland, UK.
  34. Media Evaluation Research – Offers client-focused reports to help clients understand the value of their PR achievements. Explains the media evaluation process and what to consider when selecting an agency.
  35. Media Library – Provides typed verbatim transcripts, edited broadcast news clips, tracking report summaries and tape storage. Monitoring television and radio in the Bi-state and Tri-state areas.
  36. Media Market – Offers media analysis, marketing and media intelligence in the UK and Ireland. Also provides software where required for in-house searchable archive of a client’s media coverage.
  37. Media Monitors Australia – Providing customised news and information services in Australia covering both print and broadcast media. Capturing more than 3000 information sources.
  38. Media Source – A full-service TV news monitoring and digital video production company, offering local broadcast monitoring for 120 US cities and all major national networks.
  39. MediaMiser – Offering software and consulting to provide media analysis, monitoring, and measurement.
  40. Mediaskopas – Round-the-clock Baltic service monitoring Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian media.
  41. Mediastow – Details for a Dubai-based media intelligence consultancy established in 2005. Middle East media analysis of news in print, online and broadcast media.
  42. Mediatrack – Provides analysis, evaluation, and measurement of international media. Also offers PR activity measurement, campaign evaluation, competitor analysis and media research nationally or globally.
  43. MedieEYE Middle East – Web-based print media monitoring service covering the in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.
  44. Metro Monitor, Inc. – TV News Clipping Service – Metro Monitor professional broadcast news monitoring and news clipping service. Monitoring over 300 stations nationwide.
  45. Metropolitan Newsclips Service – Specializes in coverage of Missouri’s newspapers, magazines, ethnic press and other media. Also collects clips nationally and internationally.
  46. National Aircheck – Radio monitoring firm records 2,500 US radio stations 24/7. Offers same day delivery of clips and provides keyword search of news and talk radio.
  47. Nationwide News Monitors – Television news monitoring service recording and monitoring more than 450 news stations. Provides copies of any news segment as video (VHS and digital delivery), audio, or transcripts.
  48. Newbase – Provider of media monitoring solutions and media analysis.
  49. News Knowledge – Offering text and headline news feeds and direct database access with API Web Service. Seven day free trial.
  50. News Power News Clipping Service – News clipping and media monitoring.
  51. News Power Online – US-based providing international tracking of television, radio, print and internet content. Offers digital delivery of video and print clips. Service requires password.
  52. NewsDirect – Contact and product details for this one-stop shop for media, parliamentary and online news monitoring. Based in Edinburgh, offering specialist coverage of the Scottish Parliament.
  53. NewsGrip – Set a personal news agent to monitor news around the clock, looking for competitors, customers, partner companies, and areas of interest. Norway-based company.
  54. NewsLIB – Customized news filters on user-specified topics, regularly and automatically collated then archived.
  55. NewsNow Business Services – Online media monitoring service that finds specific news from thousands of sites. Scans more than 15 languages in 84 countries.
  56. Newz Group – Clipping service that provides coverage of daily and weekly newspapers in several US states – Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
  57. Noticias Peru – Press Clipping and Media Monitoring in Peru. Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV and Internet tracking searching for news in any topic.
  58. OpinionSource – Delivers email summaries and links to major opinion editorial from around the world.
  59. Ornico Media – Tracking brand and news exposure in South Africa. Newsletter and spot checks helps advertising and public relation agencies access meaningful data about media campaigns.
  60. PLCom News Services – Customized media monitoring and analysis, automated news feeds, and newspaper and TV news abstracts delivered on the web with encryption security.
  61. PR InSite – Agency providing integrated suite of public relations tools, including eNewsRooms and Realtime news clipping.
  62. PR Newswire – eWatch – Media monitoring service provides clips from numbers of print publications, web sites, investor message boards, newsgroups and online service forums.
  63. Panarc International – Offering a range of research and media consultancy services. Explains its analysis of the reach and effect of media coverage on target audiences for governments and commercial organisations.
  64. Paperclip Partnership – PR support service providing press cuttings evaluation and presentation to PR companies and corporate in-house departments.
  65. Parallel54 – Research services including monitoring of newsgroups, media sites and other publicly accessible online content.
  66. Postech – Profiles a firm that specializes in niche market products for data acquisition. Its CCapture product is a closed caption decoder that automatically provides transcripts from 4 channels of off-air, cable or satellite received video.
  67. Precise Media Monitoring – High-speed media monitor provides hard copy and electronic content from UK, international and online media as well as breaking news sources. Includes media list, company and service details. UK.
  68. Press Information ( Scotland) Ltd – Scottish business providing a press clipping service since 1962 offering daily or weekly packages.
  69. Press Monitor – Offering a time-critical service to businesses and government groups in Delhi. Hand-delivers hardcopy clippings by 8am. View client, subject and publication lists. Softcopy and CD-ROM versions also available.
  70. PressLounge – Offers daily clipping service of online media in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Also assists in press release distribution to media.
  71. Quickscan – Software company that provides database software and technical support to professional news monitoring companies.
  72. RGV Media Monitoring – Details about an independent company monitoring the TV news for the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. See client list and coverage.
  73. Replay News – Contact details for broadcast news clipping service recording all news broadcasts in Toledo, Ohio. Lists station and formats covered.
  74. SA Press Cuttings – Press cuttings and online monitoring of South African media.
  75. SimpleClip – Media monitoring brokerage service aimed primarily at the UK market. Register to put researchers in touch with media monitor companies. A part of the PR Press Network.
  76. Smart Brief – Providing free, e-mail based news summaries and other content for industry associations, professional organizations, advocacy groups and their constituents.
  77. Squared Monitoring – Digitally capturing television commercials, press advertisements, internet advertising and radio advertising in India, along with press news. Uses a database to cross-index them.
  78. Superior Press Clipping Service – Clipping service for daily and weekly newspapers in Montana, USA. Provides listing of services and rates as well as areas of coverage.
  79. TVEyes – With the slogan “always watching”, this company provides an automated broadcast information retrieval service for radio and TV, together with instant content alerts and media access.
  80. Taha Press – Privately-owned media outlet, which aims at broadcasting political, social and cultural news in Persian/Farsi, with specific focus on Iran.
  81. Teleclip – A video news monitoring service located in Austin, TX.
  82. The Agency Source – New Delhi, India based agency providing competitive information services to advertising and marketing industries under the TV Ad Indx, Press Indx, News Indx, Radio Indx and Bank brands.
  83. Thomson Intermedia – Offering online systems for gathering industry intelligence through media monitoring. Verifies advertising placement, evaluates marketing campaign effectiveness, and offers news clipping services.
  84. TracerLock – Monitors significant news sites and e-mails an alert within as little as 15 minutes of the publication of new articles that match preselected search terms.
  85. TrackNews – Holds archive of television news materials from 1/1/2000. Offers digital video via email, DVD mastering, and automated media reports.
  86. Transcripts Express – Monitoring and transcription of Irish radio and television broadcasts. Same day turnaround and competitive pricing.
  87. TriggerNews – Provides real-time alerts for news articles that match user-defined keywords.
  88. Universal Information Services – Offers North America news monitoring and media analysis, press clipping, plus the monitoring of TV, radio and the Internet.
  89. Utah News Clips – Professional TV news clipping service serving the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Order form, pricing, and contact information.
  90. Video Monitoring Services – A broadcast information retrieval service
  91. Vocus Media Monitoring Service – News On Demand provides real time news and media monitoring for measuring public relations campaigns.
  92. WPS Russian Media Monitoring Agency – Monitoring of Russian electronic media, Russian newspaper clipping service
  93. Web-Observer – Software enabling monitoring of electronic mass media and other information from Internet sources.
  94. WebClipping.com – Founded in August 1998 and providing clients with news, information, and rumors from every key online source that impacts their business.
  95. Webnewsmonitor – Scans online news sites in multiple languages in Europe and USA. Real-time keyword search available for a monthly fee. Instant demo and free trial offered.
  96. WireClip – Search engine drawing on press release newswires – ClickPress, USPRwire, and UKPRwire.
  97. WiseBrief – Contact details, FAQ, and list of services offered by firm that monitors and analyzes stories daily from Korean-language newspapers, magazines, newswire, broadcast, and Web sources. Provides customized English-language abstracts and intelligence reports.
  98. World News Connection – Supplies daily news from countries around the world. Offers coverage of local media sources specific to a country, region, or city.
  99. Xtreme Information – Offering competitive advertising and editorial monitoring intelligence, this team of international editors and translators provide English abstracts of foreign titles.
  100. Zenark – Offers reports on web intelligence by monitoring key online news sources for the UK and Ireland.
  101. dna 13 – Provides companies with public relations and communications software. Key features include integrated media monitoring, management and measurement tools. Has created integrated system for monitoring broadcast television (in real-time), print, Internet news and Weblogs in one Web application. 102.Cloud Tag Analytics- Some may say “hey, just filter your Google Analytics reports using a /tag/ filter and you’ll pretty much find out the usage”. Right, but wrong. You see, the actual tag cloud is not the only place from which people might land on the tag archive pages. There may be posts linking to certain tag archives, there may be lists of tags underneath each post (like on my blog), or even Google can land somebody on your tag archives. This means that in order to view the accurate results of your tag cloud usage, you’ll have to do something better than that.

What do you think the solution is with all of this available and media being so dispursed?

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      With only 2-3 hours of our time, we can help you deliver more results…
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      Alice M. Fisher, Owner
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