Is Your Creativity Dead?

March 16, 2015

Let the Elephants RunI worked on a different blog today, it’s a project I participate in through Canadian Made Audio with a colleague of mine named Rita Rich.  This particular blog is about David Usher, and although I have not read his book, yet. I am going to buy it!

The reason being is that I do consider myself a creative sort. But, the older I’ve become, the more I’ve noticed that somewhere along the way I’ve lost or misplaced large portions of my innate creativity. Life seems to literally suck it out you and away from you. And, if you are TOO creative, well people think you are weird. Many of you may not know this but I actually oil paint. I love art. And, I have not painted in a very long, long time, or at least not regularly.  For some reason I do not feed this side of me, the side which is the core of who I am, quite frankly. I always have to get the chores or other tasks done first.

So, I wrote this blog and well David is many things, a musician, artist, author, public speaker, business entrepreneur and activist.  He is also British-born Canadian, and CanadianMade Audio producer Rita Rich talks with David about his new best-selling book, Let The Elephants Run.  Listen to her interview with him here.  I am inspired!   

Well, David’s new best-selling book is all about letting our creative pink elephants run wild. Let the Elephants Songs From The Last Day On EarthRun shows us how to reignite creativity whether in the head office, the home office or the artist’s studio.  He says in this latest podcast interview with Rita Rich, that in today’s world with the Internet, five people are likely working on the very same idea you are, at the same time.  But, it’s not so important about being the first to come up with a creative idea anymore, but in fact, being able to deliver that creative idea.

It seems that our day to day lives tends to stifle all the creativity out of us. But, David believes creativity is in our DNA; it’s in everyone, not just the one in the creative art class. We all start our lives as very creative beings, but for many that spark becomes lost over time. How do we jump-start our creative process as adults? What does it means to be a creative person? How do we follow through with our ideas and turn them into tangible outcomes?

Read more about David Usher, his book, his music, and his business here at

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