Media Resources (Updates Welcomed)

Quite a while ago I started this “evergreen” media resource page to provide a directory of sorts to help provide information to others. I am always looking for more resources.  So, if you have something to share please feel free to add them in the comments section and I will add you suggestions to the list.  This list continues to grow, as technology enables us to do more andTOP 100 PR & Media Resources more across more and more platforms, apps, and networks.

I came across more than 100 TOP 2011 new start up resources posted by EverythingPR which I think is quite useful. I am sure there are more?!

Along with an older post in October 2011 offering Media Search Resources & Search Engines information, I am also blending EverythingPR’s sources  (in no particular order) which feature the 2011 Top 100 Best Startups for PRs.

As a side note, Everything PR, was founded on January 6, 2009, as a news site dedicated to reviewing and promoting public relations companies and services; corporate communications and marketing trends; as well as various social media aspects of the Web. The main purpose of the site is to give small PR agencies a voice, in a world already dominated by the likes of Edelman, APCO, Waggener Edstrom, and Ruder Finn.

As a newly formed Woman Veteran-owned small business, I applaud this approach in supporting smaller boutique PR shops! My personal thanks to Everything PR.As always, updates to this ever growing list are welcome!  Now, it’s time to go out and make some money! ~ Alice M.Fisher

Media Monitoring and Analytics

  1. PostRank is the largest aggregator of social engagement data in the industry. PostRank social engagement data measures actual user activity, the most accurate indicator of the relevance and influence of a site, story, or author.
  2. Vizify gives you an instant infographic based on your twitter activity. Showcase your top content, keenest followers, geographic influence, and more…
  3. is a real-time web analytics tool for sales professionals. Detailed information about visitors – company name, industry, company size, financial and credit information, positions and contacts like phones and email. Geo-information, so you can see your visitor on the map. Full visitor path, so you can see what products or services your visitor is looking on your website.
  4. With Streamer you can create dashboards for your business’s vital signs. See Web Analytics, CRM support, infrastructure, project management and sales… all in one place.
  5. Statusboard gives you the ability to stay up to date with your emails, rss, tweets, envato income and more in one blink of an eye.
  6. Pulsate is a powerful, yet simple to use Analytics service that produces information on how your website is fairing with its users.
  7. BuzzRank Plusalyzer is a starting point in Social Analytics for Google+.
  8. With Lucky Orange you see who is on your website right now and interact with them in neat ways.
  9. Platlas is a tool to help you better understand the complex structures and paths within your favorite social networks.
  10. FUSE Labs’ SocialGadgets are a set of embeddable widgets that visualize Twitter real-time data.


  1. List of Journalists/Editors/Columnist on Twitter
  2. Visual Twitter Conversation Map
  3. YouTube U.S. Government Video Channel
  4. 2012 Pew State of the Media Report
  5. List of Government Agencies Blogging
  6. Social Media Case Studies
  7. GovFresh: US Government 2.0 with News feeds from U.S. Government
  8. State & Local Governments: Directory of state and local government sites
  9. Web 2.0 News aggregation Site by Topic & Geography
  10. National Media Web 2.0 Contacts List
  11. Media Guide: Find By Name, Zip code, or click on a Map
  12. Radio Station Locator: Find by Name, Zip code, State (an older approach to radio station location)
  13. News Directory: Find by Catagory, Name, Zip, State
  14. Gebbie Press: All-in-one media directory
  15. News: public broadcasting
  16. Internet Press Guild: Supports journalism
  17. Free press distribution
  18. National Association of Broadcasters
  19. International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)

Social Media; Social Networking; Sharing

  1. Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. It integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, and introduces new services identified as Circles, Hangouts and Sparks.
  2. SocialFolders helps you share your content anywhere between social sites or copy between websites.
  3. Platlas is a tool to help you better understand the complex structures and paths within your favorite social networks.
  4. With Qpomp you can use viral coupons in order to create brand awareness and attract new customers.
  5. OfferedLocal is a location based marketing tool that makes it simple to create social media marketing and mobile marketing offers and promotions which can be distributed to your customers via Facebook and Twitter
  6. INCLIQ is a mesh-based social network: private information is never transmitted-to or stored-on servers. When you post a status update (or photo, etc.), the message is sent across the mesh directly to your friends.
  7. SociaCard enables you too easily share your entire web presence and let your friends connect with you in all social media sites you belong to
  8. SocialBro gives you accurate information about your community using different search criteria that will help you to make strategic and error-free decisions. Take advantage of knowing exactly who shapes your community: where your followers are from, which language they speak, their activity on Twitter, etc.
  9. Twylah takes the mess out of your Twitter stream, filters it and arranges it beautifully into a single page.
  10. Kuvva turns your desktop and twitter into a daily source of inspiration. Some of the world’s best artists and illustrators effortlessly make-over your digital life with a new wallpaper curated for every day of the week.
  11. Social Media Business Predictions 
  12. Video SEO Strategies
  13. List of Video Sharing Sites
  14. PeopleSearchSite Web 2.0 People Search Engine
  15. How to Customize Your YouTube Channel
  16. 5 Easy Social Media Wins for Small Business
  17. 5 Ways Traditional Media is Going Social
  18. A Web 2.0 White Paper  A compilation of Web 2.0 Sources (w citations)
  19. Join 30,000+ Gov Staffers @  and network
  20. Widget Directories: & &
  21. Wiki Resources: List of Wikis many of which are open source
  22. Wiki Software
  23. Free Wiki Software Sources:
  24. Wiki Index
  25. A list of Social Networks 

Publishing and Document Creation

  1. Quote Roller automates proposal creation. Roll out great looking proposals in minutes.
  2. swabr is an enterprise microblogging service for companies and organizations. swabr can be understood as a “Facebook for companies” or a “Twitter for companies”, because it combines elements from Facebook (restricted network) and as well from Twitter (short messages) merging into one single communication.
  3. Payprs helps you build your own intranet. Create pages with rich text, images, attachments, checklists and more. Papyrs offers a rich, intuitive intranet solution to streamline and organize your company’s workflow.
  4. GhostBloggers members have access to both a marketplace of unique blog content and a large client-base that is eager to find the right material for their blog.
  5. Typecast lets you host your own interview – invite your blog readers, fans, students or friends to ask you questions and then choose which ones you want to answer.
  6. Blomming is an easy and flexible personal e-commerce platform for Social Media. You can use Blomming to sell wherever on the Web: your blog, your company’s website, your preferred social network – or even your friends’ ones.
  7. mı makes it a breeze to take notes while conversing with others, and send them right away.
  8. Phrot is a new blogging platform that allows you to share and discuss cool things without going through the pain of finding people to share it with.
  9. checkthis is a publishing platform with a difference. If you want to feed your content to a site that’s not yours, this is the solution. It can be used for anything from selling iPhones to announcing career moves. Just remember, your content will reside on checkthis.
  10. Pixtick gives you the power to capture screenshot, annotating or editing images and publishing them from within your browser. They desperately need an editor for their website.

File Sharing, Storage

  1. Kicksend lets you send files of any size to any friend or email. It will download and organize your files and is super easy to use.
  2. Frenzy tries to fill the gap in between IM and Delicious with the added bonus that you can also share large files. Frenzy uses Dropbox to store your feed items and keep everything in sync.
  3. BoxCryptor is a cryptographic virtual harddisk that encrypts all data on-the-fly using the AES-256 standard. Encrypted data is stored in an arbitrary directory of your choice, e.g. one that is synced to the cloud like your Dropbox folder.
  4. SharedSafe is a storage platform that allows you to use free Email Storage to synchronize and share your folders.
  5. MiMedia will back up and protect your files in a secure online storage account.
  6. AirDropper is a file-sharing solution that allows you to share and receive files as many times as you need. It integrates with Dropbox and it is brandable.
  7. SideCLOUDload – Send files from a url directly to “the cloud” (currently Dropbox and Email) without downloading to your computer or mobile device.
  8. Use Otixo to access files across all your favorite online services like Google Docs, Dropbox, MobileMe, FTP (and many more) from a single interface and then share them with your colleagues and friends no matter where your files are stored in the cloud.
  9. Joukuu is a free and convenient software for you to manage cloud based backup files across multiple accounts. Currently supports Google Docs, Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Huddle and Skydrive.
  10. DropItToMe allows you to securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox.

Human Resources, Crowdsourcing

  1. SimpleHRM is an open source Human Resource Management solution designed for small companies and organizations.
  2. Jobssy recommends job offers from social networks and lets companies to find you more quickly.
  3. makes it easier for employers to find professionals with key skills and for professionals to find suitable jobs.
  4. With you can create an online resume format that is beautiful, relevant and fun.
  5. Workomotions is a team centric professional network, providing a place to share work portfolios for online professionals.
  6. Resoomay is a cloud-based efficiency tool which allows hiring managers to screen candidates based on custom interviews.
  7. widfy is an online CV with testimonials and more. When you’re applying for a new job, the manager asks for your references. Instead of wasting time, running around after past collegues and stressing out asking their permission and contact details simply forward your potential employer a link to your WIDFY profile!
  8. moBubble is a platform where you can buy, sell, or promote anything to the people around you in real-time.
  9. Hourly uses profiles, not resumes, to match you to the best opportunities.
  10. JobAware is an iPhone app that utilizes a variety of technologies including social networks, salary comparisons and more to help you find the perfect job.

Funding, VC, Money

  1. StartupCrave is a web service for aspiring Internet entrepreneurs to find potential partners, employees or mentors for their own planned startups—or to find promising startups to help develop and launch.
  2. Pricing Engine is making decision-making easier for smaller advertisers without a huge marketing team.
  3. DocOnYou is the fist universal invoicing network Allows you to share, discuss, file, validate and connect everything related to your invoices and other professional documents. Designed for management teams accountants, directors and everyone involved in with customers and suppliers.
  4. is the first socially-driven lead-generation platform. It enables people to generate high quality leads across the social web according to their exact qualifications and needs, delivering the leads in their most potent form: as a referral from a trusted contact.
  5. Ricebowlproject is a crowdfunding platform for creative, unique, or inspiring projects that benefit the international, national, or local communities.
  6. Cofundit leverages the power of the Crowd to provide funding opportunities for innovative and unique ideas.
  7. Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. Developed for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, social change makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all creative minded people to raise funds, realise their aspirations and make great things possible.
  8. CrowdCube is an equity-based crowdfunding community dedicated to business investment.
  9. BillGuard alerts you to hidden charges, billing errors, misleading subscriptions, scams and fraud on your credit cards.
  10. What’s Your Share is a free social utility to track, manage and resolve shared bills and expenses.

From 10 categories, we will select the absolute top 10, based on popularity and reader feedback.

Productivity and Calendars

  1. Astrid is a social to-do list that helps individuals and groups stay organized, get more done and have fun in the process. The platform makes it easy to ask for help, delegate and share lists.
  2. is an all-inclusive cloud-based business management system. The platform brings together project management functionalities, a sales module and a customer support system. With you can manage projects, sales, support, finances, contacts including built-in reports plus email and internal-chat messaging.
  3. SpiderScribe is an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It lets you organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps. You can collaborate and share those maps online. The maps are stored “in the cloud” and can be accessed from anywhere.
  4. UPlanMe for business is a great way to share your events, specials and incentives directly onto the calendars of all of your loyal customers. UPlanMe also lets you place your upcoming calendar of events and specials directly onto your website with a simple code that updates in real-time.
  5. Nimble is a social relationship and productivity tool, that allows you to connect all of your contacts, calendars, communications and social conversations. Nimble manages all of your existing contacts, and lets you instantly add new ones from your social networks. Connect your contacts to calendars, communications and conversations, all in one easy-to-use interface. In addition, Nimble monitors the most important social networks.
  6. Zapaday is a global public calendar and news agenda. Zapaday provides certainty about the future with day-by-day events, facts, news stories and trivia.
  7. Moredays is a completely new way of planning and recording life that crosses the borders of standard planning and turns paper calendar into an electronic/digital calendar.
  8. Welcu is an even planning platform, that allows you to work with your team and watch your guests activity; manage your guests and distribute your tickets; as well as design, deliver and track RSVPs.
  9. Nyabag is a web based task management application that helps the user to plan, organize and remember their tasks or events. It assists you to remember the forthcoming tasks or events and will remind you through mail or sms.
  10. giveashout allows you to discover, track, and shout out your future events and plan them with people around you.

News, Bookmarks and Research

  1. BookmarkerPro is a set of bookmarking tools that allow you to monitor each web page intra-day, daily or weekly; search the content of your bookmarks; format pages with Readability; send readable pages to email & Kindle and import and export your bookmarks.
  2. Gimme Bar doesn’t just keep bookmarks; it stores items in your personal library in the cloud. You can even back things up to Dropbox. You can also organize and share your collections.
  3. Project Emporia sifts through ever-evolving news streams to identify hot news stories, categorizes them into topic areas and ranks them, and then presents them to you in a friendly and easy-to-use UI. With Project Emporia you get relevant stories on topics of your choice.
  4. Trapit scours the web for you 24/7 to discover up-to-the minute, personalized content on your favorite topics and interests.
  5. Comunitee is the first social news network that reinvents the way users discover and share news online, on mobile devices and tablets. It learns what you like and automatically shares it with your friends and followers. There’s no need to connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts or click Follow, Tweet, Like, and Share for every story you find interesting. Comunitee does all the work behind the scenes and delivers you the most relevant, up-to-date news.
  6. helps you keep updated on specific topics, interests and keywords by showing you the latest in news and social media activity pertaining to what you follow.
  7. Q-Sensei FeedBooster is a free, advanced web-based feed reader that offers a new way of discovering relevant and timely information from the wealth of RSS news, blogs and business feeds.
  8. Newsgrape connects readers and writers. It serves more perspectives on current topics and presents your articles to a larger audience.
  9. joinbox is your mailbox of the digital era. There, you receive emails, tweets, Facebook messages and status updates, your favorite news feeds, and much more. Everything live.
  10. offers a remarkable new way to find out what the people who interest you are reading right now. It also offers a daily email digest that shows you what your friends have read, along with the most interesting news flowing through your Twitter stream, in the past 24 hours.

Video and Interactive

  1. Viewbix empowers companies to leverage their videos by inserting interactive apps and sharing that experience across the web, mobile and social networks.
  2. Vungle is the first and only mobile app user acquisition platform focused exclusively on video ads
  3. Yokto is a free video platform that lets you add and manage video content on your website, blog or Facebook fan page. Upload your own videos or collect videos and presentations from around the web – from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Brightcove, Photobucket, Ustream and SlideShare.
  4. SpeakerText is a premium service for video publishers that turns video into text so that it can be searched, shared and accessed by everyone.
  5. Anmish is one of the first application-based websites that provides free digital home-made animations and online entertainment. Without any previous knowledge of animation creation, Anmish enables its users to create their own animated video parodies through Anmish’s various ready-made collection of caricatures of famous figures in the world.
  6. Tout enables people to quickly and easily update their Facebook friends and Twitter followers with real- time short video Video Status Updates, captured from smart phones.
  7. Prismplay is an online video platform that allows advertisers to create videos that adapt and change according to the viewer.
  8. is a simple, easy to use, low cost application that allows you to record your powerpoint presentation and then, by splitting the screen, show you and your slides at the same time, in the same place
  9. oomfo transforms mundane data into stunning visuals and adds the oomph quotient to your presentations.
  10. Booktrack represents a new chapter in the evolution of storytelling, and an industry “first” in publishing, by creating synchronized soundtracks for e-books that dramatically boost the reader’s imagination and engagement.
  11. YouTube

All Things Mobile

  1. Roveb will help you easily create a clean and engaging experience for your mobile visitors through relevant local information, dynamic content and proven techniques like Game mechanics and QR codes.
  2. Apps & Oranges helps people find and recommend the best apps for getting stuff done.
  3. Webcrumbz provides you with the right set of features to better reach your mobile audience by creating, designing, managing and distributing your mobile web apps.
  4. Bloapp is a new and innovative platform for bloggers to create their own iPhone app in less than 5 minutes.
  5. CardFlick is a mobile app that lets you create and share digital business cards.
  6. Publisha is a free browser-based solution that allows integrated publishing across digital platforms, with built-in social media, analytics and revenue streams. Publisha builds a digital publication from one single dashboard across a website, Facebook, iPhone and iPad.
  7. AppExtras is a new cross-promotion network for mobile app publishers. Publishers get more downloads, access to millions of new users and can earn extra revenue for generating installs within the network.
  8. Onswipe lets you provide a beautiful app like experience for your website on tablet and phone browsers.
  9. appbackr is the first and only digital wholesale marketplace for the application market.
  10. Chartboost offers a direct-deal advertising marketplace that enables game publishers to manage the distribution power of their mobile game apps and monetize the success of a Top-100 app in the App Store.

QR Code Information


1. Government Public Domain 
2. Another site: Best Gov Public Domain Photos
3. Extensive Directory on Wikipedia of Public domain images (see general collections)
4. Military Images: NAVY, ARMY, AIR FORCE, &  Historic Military
5. Official U.S. Military Websites
6. Other:
7. Official US Government Photostreams
8. Other Web Sites with Military Photos
9. An Indice of All Major Search Engines (2,000+)
10. Constant ( 3rd party email campaign managment & online surveys)
14. People Search Aggreggation Site:
15. Podcasting:
17. CBS MarketWatch (Stocks)
18. Fast Company (Business)
19. bit.y (URL shortener, with trackable metrics)
20. ( free Video syndication and monitoring)

Media Research Resources (of course there are more)

  1. Observer Group
  2. Delahaye ( Brand & blog measurement and analysis)
  3. ( $200.00 a year), research RSS feeds, Blogs, articles by journalists)
  4. MediaSense
  6. Cision MediaSource (formally Bacon’s) , 300,000 media contacts (about $3,000 a year)
  7. Bulldog Reporters, Media List Builder
  8. Harris Interactive & competitors
  9. PR Newswire’s Edcals
  10. PR Newswire’s Profnet
  11. PR Newswire’s e Watch
  12. Technorati ( blog tracking)
  13. Business Wire, 2300 Clarendon Blvd. Suite 502, Arlington, VA 22201, P: 703-243-0400-Nonprofit rate is about 540.00 for 400 words for a national release
  14. Visual list of newspapers in USA with local search box

Start-ups and small business research resources ( no-cost, low cost)

  2. ( costs about $200.00 a year)

Medium to large sized business research resources


Tools for Building 2.0 NewsRooms and Social Media Release (SMR)

  1. TEKgroup International, Inc.
  2. PRX Builder Social Media News Release Wizard
  3. Business Wire’s Smart Release
  4. EON (Enhanced Online News)

Other Useful Sources
List of all US Small Business Offices
DOL’s Small Business Procurement Power Page
Analysis of Federal Employee Retirement Predictions (about 61% of all federal employees will be eligible in 8 years)

 Political & Executive Branch Directories

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