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Media Search Resrouces & Search Engines

October 21, 2011 4 comments

Media Search Engines There are several decent news search engines on the Web, and some of them are listed below. A news search regularly includes visits to some of the major newspapers on the Internet, as well as various news aggregators — i.e. sites that gather and aggregate news headlines and summaries from other sites (see for instance Google News and Topix).

There are so many online sources. But I thought I would present a few new comers that may be of interest and timely.



1. Remember MC Hammer? MC HammerNow, wait a minute, I know that his music is not quite so timely anymore but on October 21, 2011, MC Hammer plans to launch search engine WireDoo to rival Google   The ’90s rapper, whose name is Stanley Kirk Burrell, is planning to launch a search engine called WireDoo. So, what are your thoughts about this latest development? How will it be any different?  And, why do we need two of the same thing?

2. And for another development there is FeedBooster, which is a tool for real news junkies . RSS is such a powerful technology yet most RSS readers are not very powerful tools. Search start up Q-sensei delivers powerful enterprise solutions. Part of that power can be felt in their consumer end product FeedBooster, an RSS tool with powerful search and filtering capabilities.  FeedBooster provides you with more than just a list of feed items. Feeds imported into FeedBooster are pre-processed in a way that makes it easier to search, browse and explore them. FeedBooster doubles as a dynamic archive and knowledge tool to mine for information. Here’s how it works. You can sign in with Google, Facebook or OpenID. If you sign in with Google, it is easy to import your feeds from Google Reader. You can also add pre-defined feed sets on popular topics or add your own favorite feeds.

3. Pandia News Finder, Visit Pandia Radio Search for a list of online radio stations with news coverage.

4. And, then there is which searches within over 4,500 broadcast media, newspapers, & national magazine websites

5. Ithaki News Metasearch is a Metasearch engine of more than 60 news resources worldwide: newspapers and search engines organized by language.
6. Social Mention. For the best analytical data, Social Mention is tough to beat, providing lists of related keywords, hash tags, and social media sources for its list of results. At the top left corner there are several metrics provided that will help you determine where your brand is positioned on social media. The “Strength” number indicates the likelihood that your brand is being discussed. The “Passion” and “Sentiment” numbers indicate the nature of the comments and how engaged users are in their discussions. Lastly, the “Reach” calculation will tell you how much influence these users have. The interface is clean and easy to customize once you start working with it, especially if you want to limit your search to a particular social media site. If you want to work on the go, you can set up e-mail notifications for particular terms and download spreadsheets for your search results.
 7. And, then there is the compiled list below of other Media/News Research and Search sources which may also be helpful when performing news related searches or news research.

New York Times
Washington Post
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
Int. Herald Tribune
Financial Times
Toronto Globe and Mail
The Australian
Irish News Headlines
List of Newspapers

Free News Sites

1st headlines
CNN Congoo
Huffington Post
MediaLine MidEast News Source
Newsday AP
News Now UK
Reuters Stratfor
Yahoo News

Search Engines

News Index
Total News
Google News Search
Google News Australia
Google News UK
Google News New Zealand
Google News Canada
Live News Search
Rocket News


Hot blog posts

Topix Top Blog Stories
Technorati Top News
Feedster FeedBuzz
Blogpulse Top News
Findory Blog Top Stories

News Directories

Kiosken, newspapers from all over the world
Newscentral list of newspapers
Newspaper Links (US/Can)
Newspapers Online
ABYZ News Links
The Drudge Report


Online news radio stations
Newseum — The interactive museum of news
Spotback personalized news
Newspaper Archive
AllTop (top news in categories)                          Radio-Locator— One of the most complete and user-friendly lists on the Internet, sorted in several ways.

Social Web Selections

Reddit Top Stories
Digg News
Propeller (Netscape)
Stubleupon Buzz recent
Yahoo! Buzz

Other News Search Sites to Dig Just a Little Deeper

International News Search Sources

Abyz News Links  A location based guide to news sources from around the world. Primarily composed of newspapers but also includes broadcast stations, Internet services, magazines, and press agencies

Alternative Press Center  Dedicated to providing access to and increasing public awareness of the alternative press. The Alternative Press Center (APC) is a non-profit collective dedicated to providing access to and increasing public awareness of the alternative press. Founded in 1969, it remains one of the oldest self-sustaining alternative media institutions in the United States.

A-Znewsfile A UK reference guide to online newspapers, mangazines and journals – with independently researched reviews.

International Business Times— Fine source for global business news, with several country-based international editions available, in the respective languages.

ELibrary Research  Search magazines, books, newspapers, pictures, maps and TV and radio scripts.

International Herald Tribune This is excellent news source from Paris mastheads itself as “the global edition of the New York Times.”

Inter Press Service— World news stressing developing countries, from a “global news agency producing independent news and analysis about events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations, especially in the [global] South.” Focus of the site is on civil society and the South, development issues, globalization, and those excluded from it.

Le Monde Diplomatique— World-renown French language newspaper; this link is to the English-language edition with searchable archives. Search engine for finding free online magazine articles on diverse topics. – Global Media Search Engine  Nation, world, technology and Washington area news 

News Directory English-language media online – over 8,400 magazines and newspapers worldwide Provides an easy to use tool for finding the world’s newspapers

New Europe— “The European weekly, published since 1993, is a unique product carrying news and analyses from 49 countries with a particular emphasis on the EU institutions and EU-World relations.” – News Lookup Service

New York Times— Fine international section. Site features a free searchable archive of full-text NYT news items back to 1851. Note the Times College Web Site with features (some international) for students and faculty.

Overseas Security Advisory Council— From the U.S. Department of State, advisories on security-related issues around the world including “Travel Advisories, Public Announcements, daily security related news articles, overseas reports on security and crime incidents, terrorist group profiles, significant anniversary dates, general crime information for cities and countries, locations and contacts at U.S. posts overseas, and updates on new or unusual situations.”

PenguinRadio Over 5,000 online radion stations from around the world

Real Time Search – Social Mention

 Total News TotalNEWS is a search engine and directory of news sites designed to increase your access to information
 Search Washington Post and AP

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty— “Daily report of developments in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia, based on news gathered by the correspondents, services and regional specialists of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty,” whose mission is “to provide uncensored news and information to countries where a free press is either banned by the government or not fully established.”

Reuters— Top world and business news stories from this prestigious agency.

Voice of America News— News and special reports, printed and audio (in scores of languages), from this U.S. government international service.

 World Wide Internet TVSearchable website catalogs and links thousands of online TV stations worldwide by country and type of programming. “Your portal to watch live and on demand online television broadcasts.”

Wall Street Journal— The world famous Dow Jones business and finance newspaper, online. Includes special editions for the World, Europe, Asia, and India.

Washington Post World Section With regional news pages, and searchable by countries, topics, or keywords. Also check out the Search the World page for access by country and other features. Note the interactive PostGlobal feature, “an experiment in global, collaborative journalism, a running discussion of important issues among dozens of the world’s best-known editors and writers. It aims to create a truly global dialogue, drawing on independent journalists in the countries where news is happening.”

Watching America— “Discover What the World Thinks About U.S.” with English language translations of foreign press commentary about the United States and its foreign policy, from around the world and with links to the original sources.

Worldpress— “Nonpartisan magazine whose mission is to foster the international exchange of perspectives and information. It contains articles reprinted from the press outside the United States, as well as originally written material… Drawing upon publications around the globe, and a network of correspondents in dozens of countries… provides an understanding of the information that shapes opinions and views in other societies.

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